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>> pelley: tonight, which way is the economy headed? a new report on jobs surprises >> wildfires still threaten thousands of home. carter evans is on the fire lines. which way is the economy headed? a new report on jobs surprises forecasters. insight from anthony mason. did a fingerprint on one of the boston bombs match the wife of a suspect? the f.b.i. has its answer. elaine quijano is in boston. john miller with new developments. and steve hartman on the road at the prom. >> i glanced over to adam and he was standing up, and i seen a disappointed look on his face. he was really sad. >> pelley: what happened next stunned everyone in the room. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: and this is a special western edition. good evening. one witness to the confidential wildfires today said simply, "we're having a devil of a time." this is one of six major brushfires now being attacked by more than 3,000 firefighters. flames have towered 50 feet into the air, and fire lines are advancing on neighborhoods. more than 1,000 homes were evacuated today. carter evans is at maggie laguerre-wilkinsomaggiepoint mae engulfed in flames. now the landscape is barren. scorched by flames, and fires that normally do not hit southern california until summer. erratic winds continue to challenge firefighters trying to contain this fast-moving fire. it's already burned more than 16 square miles. more than a dozen homes have been damaged. the brush here is so dry, that
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as soon as an ember hits it, the flames just take off, endangering hillside homes. >> there has to be 100, 150-foot flames stretching near the houses. >> reporter: but it was the wind that pushed the fire right up michael o'driscoll's home. it was stopped by firefighters scrambling from hill to hill. >> when you see the smoke and this color it's just scary as hell. >> reporter: an onshore breeze pushed the fire back on itself as it reached the pacific but the terrain is an obstacle for battalion chief reno ditullio and his fire crews. >> the terrain is difficult. it's steep. it's rocky. and it's, obviously, hot, and then you throw the fire and the smoke on top of it, it's very difficult. >> reporter: more than 1,000 firefighters are on the front lines now. we met captain dan france near malibu. tell me what you can accomplish with these backfires? >> basically, they're burning fuel, they're taking fuel away from the fire. >> reporter: you're basically trying to cut these fires off before they get to the homes. >> correct, they're trying to keep it on this side of the canyon.
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>> reporter: the winds are expected to die down tonight, and the temperatures are expected to drop, too, just in time for the exhausted crews. >> it's a beginning of the season fire, so a lot of people aren't acclimated to the heat. some folks probably aren't in as good a shape as they will be in three or four more weeks from now. >> reporter: scott, one firefighter described today's conditions as a nightmare. for this particular fire, containment is only at 10%, but 20% and no homes have been lost. firefighters are hoping tonight changing weather, scott, will give them the upper hand. >> pelley: tough start to the fire season, carter, thanks very much. well in happier news, when the jobs numbers came out today, a sigh of relief on wall street was strong enough to push stock prices to historic highs. in the first hour of trading, the dow hit 15,000 for the first time ever. by the end of the day, it had closed at 14,973, but that was still a record. and the stocks in the s&p 500, well, they gained $150 billion
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in value. here are the numbers that touched off the euphoria. unemployment fell last month to a four-year low of 7.5%. and the economy created a lot more jobs than expected, 165,000. even better, the labor department said more jobs were created in february and march than it had originally thought. it all adds up to moderate but steady growth, and we asked anthony mason to tell us who's finding work these days. >> reporter: in the labs at accelerate diagnostics in tucson, arizona, the job is literally about life and death. what goes on in here? >> our business is all about treating hospital-acquired infections. >> reporter: larry mehren is re.o. of the young biotech firm that is developing ways to s pidly diagnose those serious infections and his business is growing rapidly. >> we started off less than a dly. ago with three people. thaow have 35, and we hope to double that again soon. ar reporter: the u.s. economy is
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strengthening, adding an average of 208,000 jobs a month over the ntst six months. wells fargo economist steve silva. >> private sector is generating evbs and also it's producing prout growth of about 3%. it's the public sector that's continuing to restructure and lose jobs. >> reporter: and education has been a dividing line in the recovery. well over 2 million jobs have been added newscast year for ver ers with at least some college education. but for workers with a high n.hool degree or less, more than hlf a million jobs have been host. who are you hiring? loste're hiring scientists, engineers, people with deep mathematical backgrounds. >> reporter: but merren says he icn't find enough qualified applicants. >> if you look on our web site, we have six or seven jobs that g e going wanting. ramean, literally, i spent my
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time on linkedin today looking for the kinds of people that r:is company needs. >> reporter: because they're not-- they're not out there? >> they are few and far between. orkeeconomy is not creating the kinds of workers that we need to have into the future. s d, you know, i think that's a shallenge for all of us and something that we should mploymen >> reporter: the unemployment rate for college graduates is 3.9%. for high school graduates it's 7.4%. that spread has narrowed f thetly since the end of the l cession, but, scott, it's still very stark. >> pelley: we can't forget about er million people are still unemployed after the great recession. what do job growth numbers like these mean to them? e it means we're making slow progress but it's not fast enough. we lost 8.8 million jobs in the recession, scott. we've made 6.8 million back. so we're 2 million down, plus lie population has grown in that gme. .o we're fighting a strong headwind on a couple of fronts. on elley: anthony, thanks very much. we want to get back to that run-
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up in the stock market because it's so remarkable. have a look at this, since the first time, the dow industrial average is up more than 14%. and the s&p 500, a broader measure is up more than 13%. anthony's story mentioned that skilled workers are in demand. a little bit later in the broadcast, jim axelrod will show creatt some companies that create jobs are doing to create ofkers, qualified to fill those jobs. >> the f.b.i. is focusing a lot of attention on the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, the boston marathon bombing suspect. she has not been charged with any crime, but elaine quijano is usin us in boston with more on what the f.b.i. would like to know. elaine. in eporter: scott, agents are stationed outside the house where katherine russell is staying as the f.b.i. investigates whether she played any role in the bombings. katherine russell, the 24-year- old widow of bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev, said nothing
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to reporters as she left her th parents' rhode island home today. investigators are combing through her cell phone records and laptop computer, trying to determine what she did or didn't know about the marathon bombings and when. sources close to the investigation say d.n.a. and finger prints found on bomb fragments from the scene are not a match to russell. federal agents today searched areas in and around the university of massachusetts at dartmouth where bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev attended theyege. law enforcement sources say they n plinterested in place where's may hacused bombers may have tried testing explosives. so far, the searches have turned up nothing. investigators tell us dzhokar ararnaev told the f.b.i. the keessure cooker bombs were made at the cambridge apartment of his older brother tamerlan. losive rces confirm while small t,ounts of explosive residue were found inside the apartment, the f.b.i. is investigating whether the bombs were assembled there or at another location.
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tsarnaev also told investigators pe plot was originally scheduled for boston's 4th of july celebration but was pushed up to patriot's day in y dzhohusetts, april 15. it's not clear why. but officials say dzhokar gave varying accounts during the interviews. the body of tamerlan tsarnaev is now at a funeral home in worcester, massachusetts. it was moved from a boston area funeral home overnight. a human rights activist who is in contact with tsarnaev's parents in russia says that they are searching for an independent corner in the united states. scott, they say they have no plans to bury their son tamerlan until they get their own answers haout how he died. >> pelley: elaine, thank you. senior correspondent john miller, former assistant director of the f.b.i., is joining us this evening. and, john, this investigation of katherine russell, what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, she hasn't l,en accused of anything and they're not calling her a suspect.
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what they're doing is try to get through to what did she know, when did she know it as elaine reported but there are a couple things. there's a phone call that is hatween her and her husband after the bombings. they want to know what was that phone call about? there's a phone call after it's s television showing his cturure and his brother's t cture. they want know what was that phone call about? id sheritical that they understand did she have foreknowledge of the bombings, no knowledge at all, and when did she learn that they were the suspects? >> pelley: now the f.b.i. has sent a team to dagestan from the tsarnaev brothers are from. what's coming from that investigation? >> reporter: a couple of dteresting things. i mean, two people who have emerged that are of extreme interest. one is a former canadian boxer. his life story basically tracks tamerlan's almost exactly. he's a fighter. emer a convert from russia, moved to canada, goes back to dagestan and wants to fight against the russians in chechnya. he's ultimately killed in that fighting. nd wanw he and tamerlan were in touch on social media and were
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in dagestan and chechnya in and around the same time. the second is another individual named mahmood nidal. he is another person fighting against the russian regime there. he is killed in a hostage situation after tossing out a hand grenade after releasing the hostages and the f.b.i. is look at tamerlan's trip as is that a place where he was radicalized or is that a place he said it's sto rough over here with people getting killed. i'm going back to america and try something on home turf. >> pelley: a lot of leads to follow. john, thanks very much. lee boston case led the ch.artment of homeland security to make a change today. it turns out one of the men accused of hiding evidence in he bombings was allowed to return to the united states from kazakhstan in january, even isough his student visa had been terminated. so border agents have now been ordered to make sure that every international student arriving tn the u.s. has a valid student visa. ng at lean the soot off of
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painting at the vatican and made a surprising discovery. the re-energized n.r.a. opens its convention. what's next in the gun debate. and a plane is headed across the country and won't burn a drop of fuel when the cbs evening news continues. [ female announcer ] it works as hard as you do... to outlast your day. [ man ] action! wow! [ female announcer ] secret outlast clear gel is better than the next leading invisible solid on white marks. secret outlast clear gel. icaused by acid reflux disease, relieving heartburn, is better than the next leading invisible solid on white marks. relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief
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last convention, the nation has witnessed a massacre in an aurora, colorado, movie theater and the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. this year's meeting comes just about two weeks after the n.r.a. defeated a gun control bill in the senate and anna werner is in houston tonight. >> reporter: the theme of this year's national rifle association convention is stand and fight. >> you have to drop your magazine. >> reporter: they expect nearly 80,000 members to attend this weekend. many are energize by the defeat of a senate proposal to expand criminal and mental health background checks for gun buyers at shows and on the internet. have you won the battle or the war? >> the battle. you know, this is a war that's been going on for a long, long time. >> reporter: david keene is the president of the n.r.a. >> those are very, very complicated and very difficult and very restrictive kinds of proposals that we are not going to support now, ever. >> reporter: but a cbs news/"new york times" poll found americans support background checks with 88% in favor, 11% opposed.
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>> i am an n.r.a. member. i'm an avid hunter. i own guns. i enjoy shooting guns with my family, but i also believe in sensible gun laws. >> reporter: last year, elvin daniel's sister was murdered by her husband in a wisconsin spa. two other women were killed in the attack. >> if we can prevent families from going through what my family's going through, i think we owe it to ourselves to do something. >> reporter: danielle walked the convention floor today trying to convince other n.r.a. members to support expanded background checks. >> including on the internet. >> reporter: and make it clear that the bill would ban a national gun registry. >> people don't know the truth about what's in these bills. somebody needs to explain it to them. >> we think that what you need to do is focus on the problem. the problem is not firearms the problem is criminals who use guns for illegal purposes and a mental health system that
5:47 pm
doesn't work. >> reporter: scott, texas governor rick perry and former alaska governor sarah palin were among those invited by the n.r.a. to speak here at the convention. meanwhile, senator joe marchian, the west virginia democrat has said he will try again to pass the background check bill. >> pelley: the debate goes on. anna, thank you very much. an airplane powered by the sun took flight today on the first journey across america. the solar impulse needed help to get started but then the sun took over. its wings are covered with 12,000 solar cells that charge its batteries. the first leg from northern california to phoenix will take about 19 hours at a cruising speed of 43 miles an hour. we found a company that could be a model for creating jobs of the future. that's next.
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ie y h.
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>> pelley: anthony mason reported earlier in the broadcast that one thing holding back the recovery is that there just aren't enough skilled workers. some companies have decided that if they can't find qualified employees they'll create them. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: at the j.w. hulme company in st. paul, minnesota, the empty seats at sewing machines tell the story of the biggest challenge facing this booming leather goods manufacturer. >> this is our facility.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: c.e.o. jen guarino has enough demand to run a second shift but not enough workers. what stops you now from having a new sewer in that seat? >> can't find them. >> reporter: neither can 60 other companies in minnesota looking to fill more than 100 jobs. >> just do a few. you don't have to do a lot of it. >> reporter: so they banded together with a local trade school to form the makers coalition to train the next generation of highly skilled sewers. if students complete the 22-week course, they're guaranteed a job. >> and what's amazing about it is that, you know, you can build something and sometimes they don't come. we're building it and they're coming. >> reporter: when larry corbesia finishes the course, this 60- year-old former construction worker will have his first full- time job with benefits in 17 years. so, a guy who's worked in
5:52 pm
construction for much of his adult life, now you're going to become a sewer? >> right. i was just talking to somebody about that. i go, i don't feel too manly telling people i'm a sewer. >> reporter: but this is nothing to laugh about. not for a guy raising his 12- year-old granddaughter. they were homeless just two months ago. where would you be without this program? >> this program, just on-- probably on welfare, you know, $200 a month in food stamps. >> reporter: tuition is $4,000, but the coalition provides scholarships. later this month, the first class will graduate 18 students. how does that compare to building a successful business? >> it's bigger. it's bigger. it's more important. >> reporter: for companies needing highly skilled workers, it's a way to do good while ensuring they do well. jim axelrod, cbs news, st. paul, minnesota. >> pelley: well, highly skilled workers at the vatican have made an amazing discovery.
5:53 pm
they were cleaning a fresco, and underneath the soot is what's believed to be the first european depiction of native americans. it was painted two years after columbus arrived in the americas and is consistent with his description of the natives that he encountered. what beats a pair of kings? something no one bet on. steve hartman goes on the road next. next. il to help protect your eye health as you age... [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is uniquely formulated to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. and now there's ocuvite eye + multi. an eye vitamin and multivitamin in one. and now there's ocuvite eye + multi. help the gulf recover, andnt to learn from what happenedg goals:
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weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: finally tonight, the school year was coming to an end. graduation was near. t the seniors had one more finally tonight, the school year was coming to an end; graduation was near. but the seniors had one more lesson waiting for them where they never expected it. here's steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: this is the story of two boys who go to the same high school in corpus christi, texas, but live in opposite worlds. tyrell clay is the football quarterback at miller high, more popular than free pizza. everyone loves tyrell. >> velocity goes perpendicular -- >> reporter: adam chadwick, on the other hand, dwells well down the social ladder. picked on and called names, he has learned to keep to himself. two kids with nothing in common until this spring when the student body nominated them both for prom king. why? >> i can speculate but i don't know. >> reporter: so speculate. because you're not the most popular kid in school. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: usually it's the
5:57 pm
popular kid at school that gets nominated for prom king. >> there's still a hole there in the logic. >> reporter: a hole there. >> yeah. obviously some people were just messing with me. >> reporter: at first, adam had no intention of attending but changed his mind. >> i figured i might as well just take the chance and hope for the best. >> reporter: you made yourself vulnerable. >> but i was prepared. i was. >> reporter: on the night of the prom, the court gathered in front of the crowd and the king was announced. there was no surprise. tyrell won. and he was thrilled but only for a moment. >> i had glanced over to adam. he was standing up and he was really sad. like, he was heartbroken. >> reporter: what happened next stunned everyone in the room. tyrell took off his crown, walked over to adam and told him they had picked the wrong man. >> i put it on his head and i bowed to him. >> i thought i was imagining it or something. >> reporter: and people were clapping? >> yeah. >> reporter: loudly? >> i had no trouble hearing it. [ laughter ]
5:58 pm
>> reporter: for adam, life has been pretty great ever since. he says when the coolest kid in school crowns you king, it can do wonders for your self- esteem. >> i can walk the halls with my head held high. >> reporter: that's what he got out of prom night. as for tyrell, why did you do this? >> i don't want to regret not doing something for someone that i could have when i had the opportunity to. >> reporter: and at miller high, that's how kindness came to rule. steve hartman, "on the road" in corpus christi, texas. >> and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald firefighters tackling this e fire, in one of the bay ar's most exclusive communities we begin tonight with some breaking news. right now these firefighters are tackling a house fire in one of the bay area's most exclusive communities. and just minutes ago, the situation here got much more serious. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. fire crews are working to put out what's now a four-alarm fire on black mountain road near 280. the fire broke out a little more than an hour ago at a home across from the crystal springs reservoir. the concern here is that flying embers could spread the fire and in fact, we are now learning that three other homes in the area are affected. flames are now burning around a second home. we have seen fire crews working on the roof of that home earlier, and drivers along 280 reported seeing smoke pouring
6:00 pm
from the scene. we'll be checking back in on the fire and let you know how things are proceeding this evening. developing news. it looks like santa clara may have engineered a winning drive to score "super bowl l." the south bay's biggest rival to host the 2016 title game, the city of miami, may have punted away its chance a short time ago. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre in santa clara where bay area super bowl watchers are waiting for the final whistle. >> reporter: boosters of miami's super bowl bid are counting on a vote of the florida legislature bring taxpayer funds to the table to help renovate miami stadium to compete with the brand-new 49ers stadium. but today the florida legislature killed that plan by adjourning for the year and taking no action. the florida legislature met for the last day of its session and it was high drama in tallahassee as lawmakers considered a bill to help renovate sun life stadium home of the miami dolphins. >> it's the 4th quarter. mi some would say it's the last

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